Knowledge Mapping

This site is a compilation of short essays on the creation, use and value of knowledge mapping. It is based on 18 years of experience in creating maps with a wide variety of people and groups. The process of knowledge mapping can

  • identify gaps in knowledge
  • bring clarity to confusion
  • uncover new insights
  • convey knowledge to other people

It can be used by individuals to organize their thoughts in preparation for writing and speaking. It can be used by teams to solve tough problems, organize actions steps and identify areas for further research or data collection.

To view the essays, click on the Essays tab on the menu bar. This will show the most recent essay first. To view the essays organized by topics (especially helpful for a first time visitor), use the Table of Contents.

About the Tagline

Unleash hidden knowledge in teams and individuals” is a concise summary of what knowledge mapping can achieve. Whether it’s an individual who finds their voice by using a concept map to get organized for a speech or a team who realizes they know more than they thought they did once their collective knowledge is organized, knowledge mapping is a tool that brings clarity, understanding, and focused action.

About the Blog’s Title

When I got ready to create this blog, I had to choose a name. The names that first came to mind were already taken so this forced me to step back and think how else I could describe the topic of this blog. One possible name was Know It – Map It; however, I hesitated as the name was a not a complete fit. The sequence of knowing it, then mapping it, would apply to an expert creating a map but was the opposite of what I have experienced leading a wide variety of people through mapping sessions. It’s the reverse sequence that is more accurate – the process of mapping out knowledge leading to deeper understanding and new insights. Hence, Map It – Know It was born.